Hague Justice Week

We face numerous peace challenges such as unjust wars, human suffering and climate issues. However, these challenges also provide momentum for increasing access to justice locally, nationally and internationally. And where better to do this than in the international city of peace and justice.

Working for a just future

Hague Justice Week takes place annually: a week where law professionals from around the world, from a variety of disciplines, come together and engage with each other to find answers to global peace and justice challenges.

This is to create an environment that inspires and provides opportunities for innovation. A place to come together, exchange ideas and work together, regardless of background, generation or discipline, to achieve concrete results. Hague Justice Week 2023 will take place from June 5 to 9.

Making Impact

The theme of Hague Justice Week 2023 is "Making Impact". The focus is on how we can increase access to justice and its impact locally, nationally and internationally. The results of these talks will be used to formulate future policy; not only in The Hague but also beyond.


As part of Hague Justice Week, several HagueTalks are taking place this week, in the theme of 'Making Impact'. HagueTalks is a meeting place for creative minds and game changers in the field of peace and justice. It is a platform and breeding ground for new ideas and perspectives, a forum for discussion and a starting point for concrete action. HagueTalks always take place physically and via a livestream.

Editions also take place outside of Hague Justice Week, throughout the year. Find out more at www.haguetalks.com/events and attend a HagueTalks in the future! For you as a young professional in the field of international law, Hague Justice Week offers a unique opportunity to gain knowledge, exchange ideas and make valuable contacts. It is a platform where different disciplines and generations come together, creating a fertile environment for developing innovative solutions and advancing justice at all levels. Together, we can improve the quality of the rule of law, public administration and justice, promoting sustainable peace.

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Published on Tuesday 6 June, 2023 / International Rule of Law / Humanitarian Affairs