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Today's global modernization and digitization are not standing still. Not even in The Hague, the city of peace and justice. Here we are developing many responsible and successful applications of govtech and legaltech. In this way, technological developments ensure that the civil service and political world also improve its service delivery. This provides many opportunities for employment and business.

Govtech and legaltech

The Hague business and government sector work with a lot of modern technology and systems. It is important that this works and continues to work well. Think of proper monitoring of the dikes, the application of DigiD, or the entrance gates in government buildings. To ensure that such applications all work, the field of "govtech" was established. Worldwide, The Hague is one of the forerunners in this field.

Digital technology is also very important in the legal sector. Here, too, technology can provide a solution. Think of digital decision-making, intervening in expensive lawyers or lawsuits unnecessary. This branch is called "legaltech. Applying these two branches creates new jobs and opportunities in our city.

How do you apply digitization?

In addition to applying govtech and legaltech, we in The Hague are also concerned with the ethical side of it. How do you best apply digitalization and best protect privacy? The Hague offers entrepreneurs opportunities to use their innovative thinking skills for this purpose. So that in this way govtech and legaltech are applied most morally.

The Hague worldwide

Not only The Hague is modernizing and digitizing, but the whole world is joining in. The fields of govtech and legaltech offer a great opportunity here. Indeed, the government city of The Hague plays a major role in their global rollout.

Both the legal sector and the IT sector are big in The Hague. The new technologies we develop here can be applied by governments worldwide. This will put The Hague on the global map as a knowledge city.

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The Hague is global leader in govtech and legaltech


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